The circuit board is an important component of your garage door opener. Most problems relating to the garage door system can be attributed to the garage door opener’s circuit board because it is the brain. 365 Garage Door Parts stocks a wide range of circuit boards that will restore your door’s functionality in an instant. It is our company’s philosophy to source for parts from respectable manufacturers such as LiftMaster, Sears Craftsman, Linear, Wayne Dalton, Genie plus many more.

Replacing circuit boards are easy and stress-free, you can change it yourself or hire the services of a technician. Servicing the circuit board is equally easy and all replacement parts in our inventory are OEM for an exact fit. Cut the replacement cost when hiring a professional by purchasing the parts from us; save money on our ready-to-ship wide variety of in stock circuit boards.


Take your garage door’s safety to the next level with high quality safety beams from 365 Garage Door Parts. We have an assortment of styles from the best manufacturers such as Hormann, Chamberlain, Stanley, Genie, and LiftMaster. We guarantee a perfect fit necessary to complete your security setup.

Safety beams are sold in pairs and are designed for joint usage. During the installation, we advise you to follow the manual for the best results. The beams can detect people, animals or objects. Whenever something is detected by the beams, the door will stop and reverse motion.

Customize your system for enhanced safety and functionality with our wide selection of safety beams. For questions or shopping support, contact us today!

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