365 Garage Door Pars carries more than 15 different Liftmaster remotes. Our easy- to- understand ads list all compatible learn button colors, dipswitch counts, and Liftmaster opener models for each remote.

365 Garage Door Parts keeps a variety of Liftmaster remotes in stock from simple one button remotes like the 371LM, 61LM, and 971LM to more versatile three button remotes like the 373LM or 973LM.

Not sure what you need? Feel free to call our live customer service phone line during operating hours and we will be happy to help you.

Looking for something universally compatible? The 890MAX, 893MAX, and 895MAX are all guaranteed to be compatible with all learn button colors.

Although we value our company on being one of the most affordable garage door part vendors on the market, our easy price match tool will make it easy to assure you are getting the best deal available!

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