365 Garage Door Parts is your main source for all Allstar remotes. We carry the latest upgrades and models of Allstar products such as the 110925 MVP remote and the 9921T-318 remote! When searching for a new or replacement Allstar remote, the first thing you need to do is to look for the number of positions for each dip switch, as well as the frequency. These two key factors indicate compatibility.

Need help? Feel free to email us a picture of your binary or trinary dip switch pattern and we would be more than welcomed to help!

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Allstar 110925 MVP Remote


Allstar 110927 MVP Wireless Keypad


Allstar 190-107475 535T 27-Channel Commercial Door Control Transmitter with Open/Close/Stop


Allstar 190-107476 9-Channel Commercial Garage Door Control Transmitter w/ Open/Close/Stop 639T


Allstar 190-110995 Classic QuickCode Transmitter 110995 – Compatible with ALL 318 MHz Allstar Remotes


Allstar 190-111025 111025 Classic Garage Door and GateTransmitter, 288 MHz


Allstar 9931T-288 Garage Door Clicker


Allstar 9931T-318 Garage Door Clicker


Allstar Garage Door Remote Control Model 9921T-318


Allstar/Allister/Pulsar 190-108794 Garage Door Opener Transmitter 9921T -318


Allstar/Allister/Pulsar 190-108817 8833T 3-button Gate or Garage Door Opener Remote 8833T-318


New Allstar 190-107477 3-Channel Commercial Door Control Transmitter with Open/Close/Stop 733T