365 Garage Door Parts stocks a wide range of decorative garage door hardware that come in a variety of styles. We also have window kits that will give your garage doors a unique style and color of choice. Shop for magnetic garage door hardware strap hinges and pull handles with a Merry Old England appearance. Purchase hinge straps, handles and iron garage door knockers packed with Fleur-De-Lis accents or even door knockers with malleable iron door studs.

We believe in stocking the best quality parts at 365 Garage Door Parts, and therefore our parts are designed and build to last. Furthermore, the finishes look amazing irrespective of whether they are powder-coated, embossed or rough iron. Give your garage door a special unique appearance by shopping for any our high quality garage door decorative hardware from 365 Garage Door Decorative Hardware for a fraction of the price.

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