Linear Multi Code Remotes

Linear Multi Code Remotes

365 Garage Door Parts carries a multitude of remotes manufactured by Linear including Megacode, Multicode, and Delta. Linear remotes operate based on frequency compatibility. There is a variety of different size remotes to choose from including compact keychain versions and larger, visor clip models.

Not sure what you are looking for?

The Linear Multicode remotes operate on a 300mhz frequency. Our most popular remote from this line is the 3089 remote which comes with a visor clip features one 10-position coding switch that provides possible 1,024 different codes!

Have a different frequency?

The Linear Delta remotes operate on a 310mhz frequency. One of our most popular remotes from this brand is the DTC .

The Linear Megacode remotes work on a 318mhz frequency. One of our most popular remotes from this line is the MCT-3. 

With so many options, 365 Garage Door Parts is destined to have the Linear garage door remote you have been looking for at an affordable price. 

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